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Learn about some of the advantages of
From 1 to 15 employees
You will be able to see the appointments of all employees on the same page. Watch video 2 min
Your agenda without limitations
All packs contain all services, appointments, clients, unlimited connections, personalized app ...
No menus that confuse you!
Everything is in front of you, with few clicks, without menus! The calendar also helps to locate all the appointments of a client.
Reminders by SMS and Email.
Clients that you indicate may receive appointment reminders, by e-mail and / or by SMS. Watch video 40 sec
Annotations about clients.
Create annotations per client and for each of the appointments. Highlight specific quotes by marking them with colors.
Sending SMS postponed.
In addition to appointment reminders, send SMS with specific contents on specific dates. Watch video 30 sec
Your agenda with another appearance.
Change the appearance of your agenda to adapt it to the image of your business.
Custom apps.
Your customers will have the Android and iPhone app with the name of your center and the agenda aspect that you decide.
Usage statistics.
Verify the evolution of all your agendas. Watch video 1 min
Free spaces with 1 click.
The calendar shows you instantly and with only 1 click the days with free holes for each type of appointment. Watch video 1 min
Custom address
From your own agenda address, if you want, you can allow your clients to register and ask for an appointment. Ex:
List of appointments of a client.
All the appointments of each client in a list, with all the annotations. Watch video 30 sec
Does your business already have Web, blog, Facebook?...
Put a datebook!
Your agenda is accessible from your personalized app, and from these other 3 ways:
Own web button.
See agenda on web
Agenda on Facebook.
See agenda on Facebook by logo RunAtCloud · Contact · Policy, terms, and security