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Appt. agenda, very easy and fast!
Reminders by SMS and E-mail
App for you, App for your clients
All packs without limit of appointments and customers.
All packs contain all services.
Assistance from Monday to Sunday
Appointments with e-appointment book
Manage the appointment calendar of one or more professionals, simultaneously from different computers, allowing customers to activate directly the online request of their appointment. No facilities needed.
Message notices by email and SMS
Increase your customer commitment through their appointments and reminders by email and text message. You can send them instant or programmed messages, thus avoiding busy signals or unanswered calls.
Very easy, quick and safe to use
Find immediately all available dates for any particular selected appointment. Easily fill the vacant gaps between appointments in your agenda. The data are transmitted via SSL Secure Server.
Android/iPhone app.
Your customers can only be cited in the free spaces of your calendar. The App is installed by accessing from the mobile to:
Annotations about clients.
Create annotations per client and for each of the appointments. Highlight specific quotes by marking them with colors.
Sending SMS postponed.
In addition to appointment reminders, send SMS with specific contents on specific dates. Watch video 30 sec
Your agenda with another appearance.
Change the appearance of your agenda to adapt it to the image of your business.
Reminders by SMS and Email.
Clients that you indicate may receive appointment reminders, by e-mail and / or by SMS. Watch video 40 sec
Usage statistics.
Verify the evolution of all your agendas. Watch video 1 min
Free spaces with 1 click.
The calendar shows you instantly and with only 1 click the days with free holes for each type of appointment. Watch video 1 min
Custom address
From your own agenda address, if you want, you can allow your clients to register and ask for an appointment. Ex:
List of appointments of a client.
All the appointments of each client in a list, with all the annotations. Watch video 30 sec
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